Forget the Stichin’

Saturdays always go by too fast. Today was no exception. My intention was to do some sewing, but the weather was too gorgeous outside to stay in stichin’. Instead I decided to clean up my beloved patio, the closest thing I have to my own yard/garden here in the desert. Some of my plants were looking kind of shabby, so I gave them a bit of a makeover. I also spent a couple hours just cruisin’ the aisles of the outdoor garden center down the street. I love plants. I love gardening. I love digging in the dirt, getting messy, and most of all, I love watching my plants slowly grow. The last couple years has been a challenge for me. Back when I lived in Ohio, I had quite the greenhouse out on my beautiful front porch. My neighbor Melissa and I were always in competition for Better Ghetto Homes & Garden award! I’d always do so well, until I left on a trip for awhile and noone–or the person I left my trust in to water my babies, failed me. I’d come home to a dried up mess. And she’d laugh.

So today I planted basil and cilantro. Those are easy, and yummy treats that will get us through probrably the end of the year. There is nothing more satisfying then adding your own fresh herbs, and basil and cilantro are my favorites.

I also cleaned up the area, swept-washed-all that good stuff. Then sat down with a glass of chardonnay and my paintbrushes to create a little hanging sign I’ve been dreaming of for awhile. The door in my patio that leads to our laundry area, just needed a little something. So I painted a little reminder of Costa Rica, with the flowers and Pura Vida.

Peace & Love
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