Glad Today is Over

Today was not easy. My intentions were to get to work early to finish up all the necessary paperwork that was due today. But things didn’t quite work out that way. Things that were out of my control. Unfortunately, I let these minor mishaps set the tone for the rest of the day.

Kids were bonkers. Teachers were calling me left and right asking me questions about tomorrow’s event and what is expected of them. I needed to get the paperwork done. I needed to load a kiln. I needed to make phone calls. I needed to create a flyer for tomorrow. All these things needed my intention, while it felt like the energy in my room was chaos. Like tiny little atoms were bouncing all over the walls, ceiling, and floor and bursting. Just like that old Atari game “Super Breakout”.

I kept reminding myself to breathe. I kept taking long, deep breaths. I kept trying to do one thing at a time, and I kept bitching about the craziness to Alicia, my best friend at work, and fellow “specials” teacher.

Finally the day was over, I could go home. Tomorrow is a new day, and in my book, the real last day. Tomorrow is the event I’ve been working on and the last day of Clay Club. So after tomorrow there is no more need to stay after school late. I can go back to Yoga Class. Hallelujah! Also, all my paperwork is finished, so no more of that stresser. I’m just going to do my best to go with the flow of end of school fever!

I thought about bitching a little right here about people and their agendas, but what’s the point of perpetuating a bad thing. I’m going to put it to rest and look at tomorrow as a brand new canvas to paint. Tomorrow I can be thankful to be alive, healthy, have a job, and be doing something positive with my life. Tomorrow is a blessing to try again.

Peace & Love
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