Hot Damn it’s Hot!

One Hundred Ten degrees baby! That was the weather in Phoenix today. Hot damn is all I have to say. Luckily my art room at school has massive AC. When I would walk out of the room and into the outside atmosphere, the heat makes the air heavy and thick–you feel like you are swimming through air. It’s the first hot day of the year. Tomorrow we can expect the same, but Wednesday, the meteorologist is predicting eighty degrees and thunderstorms. Rain! Yeah! I love it when it rains in the desert!

That’s what everyone is talking about, from my students to my neighbors, to people at yoga class. Like it’s any surprise–we live in the desert. Sooner or later the inferno was about to invade our overpopulated, concrete jungle, city. Just got to bare with it.

Yep, I mentioned yoga! I have been to yoga class Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today! My body is feeling the effects already, plus my spirit is starting to find its equilibrium again. I’m not so aggravated so easily. Plus, to add to it all, did I mention that Hansel and I purchased a power juicer a couple weeks ago? I am addicted. I want to juice everything…and there is nothing, I mean nothing, like fresh juice in the morning. That stuff they sell in containers tastes like water downed kool-aid after drinking the real stuff! I love it! The thing is, I spend my whole weekend basically fueled by juices, and then when I start back to work today I actually ate more solid food. I could feel the difference. Not that I want to live a life totally on juice, but taking a juice fast on the weekends is really nice. You wouldn’t think it, but the juice from the juicer is pretty filling too.

Also this weekend I made gazpacho—I’ve had a taste for it forever! Well, since my friend and I went to this Spanish restaurant in Scottsdale a couple months ago. I’ve been searching for a recipe that I think will meet my tastes, and I found one–well, after I tweaked it a bit. But, I’m going to talk more about it on my other blog: Crazy In the Kitchen. Hansel and I started this blog actually last year in October. We worked on it on-and-off for awhile, then it fell by the wayside (wherever that may be). This weekend I decided to revive it! I erased the recipes that were on there, because they didn’t have any flare to them. But I look forward to sharing my love for cooking on it soon. I have tons of recipes I can’t wait to post, and being the dork that I am, I can’t wait to learn a little about the history of the food that I enjoy and share that too. So check it out…right now you can find a little blurb about my little family: Hansel, Nyla, & Theo–see how cute my sweethearts are! I am so lucky.

That’s about it! I got to clean up the kitchen, take Nyla out one last time, and get ready for bed.

Peace & Love.
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