New Life

I have had this painting sitting in a closet unfinished since December. For months it just had a blank blue sky, the papier-maiche tree thing attached to it, and a plain ol’ brown earth. Something was missing. Something wasn’t working. But I couldn’t quite figure it out. From time to time I’d pull it out and stare at it for a few moments, only to stuff it back into the closet. It was my phone call with a friend that gave me the Ah-ha with this baby. My friend is sitting at the threshhold of a new chapter in her life, and there is such real hesitation to move forward. She believes she has moved forward, but all her actions are just repeating the lines of the last chapter. Not that this painting has anything to do with her life decisions, or actions, but I like the idea of being bold about “New Life”. You can interpret it anyway you can….I put little apples in the trees to symbolize new life. I put the clouds in the sky, to show that even if your new life seems like dark days are over, there are still storms in the forcast somewhere. I put gold little swirls in the earth, to show the nutrients of your past. And I’m not done with that part either, I plan to add these real house keys I have that I painted gold. I added that fun little paper with dots to be like flowers. And last, I wrote “New Life” in the sky in a fashion I felt that could mimic a plane writing it. Now, this baby is on her way.
Peace & Love.
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