Strong and Steady

I just wanted to post my most recent art journal entry before I head off to walk Nyla and start my day. I’m considering today the official first day of my vacation…but maybe that’s not right either, because if I was teaching at my old school, or any school that’s not out yet, I’d have off today too. Who cares? Seriously, nobody even gives a damn or will be checking if I say that my vacation starts today, five weeks ago or in a year. It only matters to me. And when it officially starts doesn’t even really matter either!

So with that useless chit-chat over, I have to say that I like this little entry. On the sides you’ll see I cut out tissue paper to make fringe. I love when things hang out of my journal. It makes the book overall more fun to look at–more intriguing. We usually keep books and journals more tidy and contained—this is my first journal in my life that is bursting out! I’ve kept a journal/diary since I was about ten years old. When we moved here, for some reason, I decided to keep the boxes and boxes of them at my friend’s house in her basement, with the intention of retrieving them some day. When I go back to Cleveland in June that is what I plan to do. Plus get my acoustic guitar back too. That’s another story.

Once again, Connie, stay focus–the topic is your journal entry! Yeah, for this entry, I was just thumbing through a pile of magazines when I came across this image of a woman petting an elephant. I really liked it. So I cut it out, and glued it into my journal. As you can tell, it’s a little off to the side, so I didn’t really have a plan for it, other than to stick it in there! Instead, after eating a delicious dinner of soy chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad, I got out the pastels and paint.

Steady and strong. I was thinking about Yoga class earlier that day, and how my teacher starts off always with some major core work. Strong and steady is what I tell myself when I am struggling with the poses. Strong and steady is what I am celebrating in this piece. I was going to say that strong and steady is what I was visualizing for myself, but truth is, I am already that. Maybe my abs and butt aren’t bikini worthy–but I am strong and steady in another fashion. I believe that in time, slow like an elephant I suppose, my body will catch up!

Peace & Love.
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