Beware of Zombie!!

Do you remember weeks ago when I had all these grand ideas of what I would be doing with my vacation time? Do you remember the longing I had for my ten week, much needed vacation? Do you remember all the art I spoke about, the ideas I conjured up? Do you remember? Do you remember? I do. And, as you can see by the photo on the left…I have spent much of my time sucked into the computer. Blogs, blogging, and that beautiful cyber world they called Etsy has kidnapped my creativity!!! Look at me…my eyes are in a trance…there are some strange wrinkle action going on in the forehead..and damn it, I never seem to take that headband off!!!! I’m a blogging zombie. This must cease…at least for awhile.

So, I’m off to pick up a paintbrush…and to open up my sewing machine. Which one I do first I haven’t decided. I think I need to take a shower before I touch anything!!!

Well, there is one thing that I have been doing other than being sucked into the computer–YOGA–lots and lots of YOGA. So, I guess that’s a pretty good balance. I purchased a MANDUKA yoga mat..that I have wanted forever! So, I think today I’m going to make a little bag to carry it in, since this baby weighs a ton!

So please, if you find me lurkin’ around your blog today…tell me to get back to work!!! Must create!

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