Charting New Land

(Years ago a dear friend brought me back this Frida print after a trip to Mexico. It’s hung in my hallway ever since, and was only one of the very few pieces of art I took with me when I moved. I’m sad to say that many times I forget its even there. Today it caught my eye.)

Call it pure boredom, but last night I tried making a video. I must have made ten different ones, each being more ridiculous then the next. It was more of a learning experience then anything. I have no real idea how to work the video camera or even more–how to do all that crazy editing stuff. I’m proud that I could even transfer it to the computer to watch it on my monitor. That was a challenge in itself. Then finally I uploaded that baby onto YouTube. (Is it really suppose to take that long?) Except this morning I deleted it from YouTube land, in attempts to start again.

I, like many other women, fell in love with the old SuziBlu videos when she started her blogging universe. It was from there I found so many awesome chicas who make vlogs, like Erica and Val and Tascha. I envy these video babes! I like how they share their creative genius with the universe changing lives!!! I want to join their crusade. Just because it looks like soooo much fun!

So today I’m putting the sewing and the painting aside. I’m power juicin’ some fresh, delicious energy, then off to shoot some footage! We’ll see what the video gods have in mind for me!!!
Peace & Love.
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