Come On In!

(That’s Nyla sitting on the floor. Isn’t she a total cutie?!?!)

(That red box is Theo’s favorite resting place now-a-days! See him?)

(This is sort of a little alter of life with my plants. The mask is a gift from my mother-in-law when she recently went to Cuba–it’s made out of paper! I like the angel spilling stars on the Buddha too. Kind of funny. Those were both gifts too.)

(Oh no! Oh no! The finger puppet is about to dive into one of my cups! I have tons of these ceramic cups sitting around the house. I used to do pottery like crazy. One day I will again.)

(Mod Podge–right there in center stage. Gotta love that stuff! The smell of it makes me think of childhood. We used to put it on puzzles that I’d finish to make the pieces stick together.)

This is my studio. Nothing special, pretty straight forward and simple. But, what you can’t tell very well in the photos is that it does get ALOT of natural light. So that’s cool. Every place I lived I’ve always had an extra room for a studio, and this studio here in Phoenix wins for most boring! Truthfully, I don’t care, all I need is a place to be creative. When we first moved to Phoenix I actually rented a studio in an artist co-op. (Now that studio definitely won for least boring!!!) My whole reason for doing so was so I could be around other artists in a creative environment. I was there for just under a year, until things started getting messy with a few of the resident artists. All of a sudden there was loads of drama, and negative vibes going on. I started wanting to be there less and less. So I left. Since then I am happy at my boring, well lit, white wall, studio at home. I welcoming you into my studio today to show you this is where I plan to be. I was up late last night sewing, and then this idea for a painting jumped into my mind. Tired, red-eyed I actually picked up the paintbrush and started on it. Then I thought, this is silly and went to bed. So, welcome to my little studio, I’ll be here all day!

Peace & Love.
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