Now Featuring On Dirty Footprints ETSY…..

I have a thing for trees….I have an obsession with color. Simple as that.

Today I have officially finished listing all of my funky tree paintings and drawings on Etsy!!! Above, on the wall (and I apologize for the terrible photo) are three acrylic paintings of funky trees!! Totally cool–totally fun–would add a bit of color to any room, if you ask me. As for now, those babies live peacefully behind our couch. They need a much better home then our drab apartment!

Also listed on my Etsy store are my ink, marker, and colored pencil drawings of funky trees. These babies would look awesome framed! The color on the monitor does no justice, because these babies just pop!

Last, yesterday I added a painting that is very dear to my heart. I call it:

This is an adorable mixed media painting done on paper. There is lots of fun texture and juicy color. Lovely. Very lovely.

So as of today, I’m back to painting fresh, funky trees again. I’ve already started! Thanks for visiting my Dirty Footprints Etsy shop and supporting all things ART.

Peace & Love.

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