Abstract Maniac

Yesterday I was on a roll painting abstract! Here is a second canvas that I painted…inspired by the colors in making juice. I am so strange–aren’t I? The canvas is 30″h x 24″w. I just need to paint the sides, add a few more details, and possibly put a layer of gloss on it. I was planning to give this to friends of mine who just got married, or possibly make them a quilt, but, I like it so much–and so does Hansel, that I want to live with it. They have lots of paintings of mine anyways!
I’ve always loved abstract painting. I love when simple colors, lines, textures, and patterns play together to create a mood…it’s like poetry. When I look at paintings, its these combinations I usually see first…before the overall image being portrayed.
Also, let me apologize, I shot this photo inside, in my studio, at night…so the lighting wasn’t so great. The colors aren’t as sweet in this photo as they truly are in real life.

Peace & Love.

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