Because I’m Feeling Patriotic

“…Yes we opportunity and prosperity…”

I always swore that if Hilary would run for office I would vote for her. I was hoping and praying that she was going to run in ’04. So you can imagine how excited I was when she decided to run for ’08. I was all for Hilary until I heard Obama speak…then I started to become curious. Then I began to question if I was only voting for Hilary because of her gender, or did I feel a connection to this person. After much research, I went back on my word, and voted for Obama in the primaries.

How many of us now are in a time in our personal or professional life that we feel change is necessary? How many of us wake up in the morning knowing that this is another step forward into the authentic life we were meant to live? I know I am. I know many of my friends are. I know much of the world must be, when you see all the books on the subject in the stores, and you hear all the amazing stories on shows like Oprah. The universe is calling for a change. Many of us are blessed to hear it speaking, and are looking for the right words to answer back in.

I decided to vote for Obama because I like that the whole essence of his campaign is centered on the idea that we are ready for a change. Yes, I know that politicians are politicians, and that they are in the profession of bullshitting. I know that these individuals are kings and queens of deductive and symbolic logic. But when we as Americans are asked to choose a side, a person to stand as our leader, I want the one that believes that yes, change is possible. The ideas he tries to portray: peace, self empowerment, grass roots, community, eco friendly, they are things that I also believe in. If one person can go in there and change the whole country, after the mess it has gotten into, is probably in question. But one person, with those ideas and values can influence others to believe in those ideas and values. One person can set the path for other presidents and leaders to follow. One person can bring a voice of support to the many who are already in their lives bringing forth change.

My intention for Dirty Footprints has never been one for politics. But in honor and gratitude of my freedoms that I possess as an American on this Fourth of July–Independence Day, I am asking all of my American friends to think from your heart in choosing the next president, and I think that you will find Obama is the candidate with the most heart. I believe it is a great time of change.

Peace & Love.

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