Brillante Weblog Award

What a great morning!!! I would like to thank both the wonderful and talented Dee of Deezden Blog and Erica of Blu Jay Studio Blog for awarding me with the Brillante Weblog Award!!! I think this is the first time in my life I have been called Brillante with an “e”! Love it! This is quite an honor because these two chicas have been an inspiration to me.
Dee, your paintings of women always express the depth of what makes our souls as women so powerful and sacred. I thank you for sharing this with the world, and I am so happy I found your fabulous blog. Thank you for this award.
Erica, you are amazing. Your paintings are fun, whimsical, and always full of love and purpose. Your blog is always honest and searching. I love both these things about you. Thank you for this award.
Now I would like to give this award to five deserving bloggers. Please hold applauding till everyone has been noticed.

1. Jessie of Diary of a Self Portrait. Jessie’s blog is always an inspiration to read. She is an amazing soul that eloquently shares the meanderings of her heart with the rest of the world to read. I always leave her blog feeling connected to a force in the universe that is greater than we know, but centered deep inside us. Thank you Jessie, you certainly deserve this award.

2. Judy of Judy Wise. I look forward to reading her posts daily. Judy openly shares her heart, friends, family, and most especially her Artist journey through her beautifully written posts. The images on this blog always keep me mesmerized, and her nuggets of wisdom are delicious to my soul. Thank you Judy for always sharing.

3. Renee of Painted Sky Woman. Renee is an Artist of great talent and deep truth. Her work is rooted in tradition and self discovery, and for this I am always inspired. Furthermore, Renee is always open to reveal a part of herself and her journey with us in her blog. Renee is also eager to share the wisdom she receives from the Elders in her life and the depth of her own heart. Thank you Renee for your presence, you are certainly a Brillante Blogger!

4. Sandy of My Path to Self. Sandy has been a great force of support here in my own blog with her comments of love and strength. Though, as a Blogger herself, she is new and sometimes intimidated to bare her own soul to the world. Lately, I have noticed a shift in My Path to Self. Sandy has become more comfortable taking risks and showing more of herself. I give this award of Brillante Weblog to you Sandy, for being so brave and strong, during the first leg of this wonderful journey you are on. Bravo!

5. Samantha Kira of A Girl and Her Journal. This blog is overflowing with inspiration, creativity, and fun techniques! I have learned so much and always fully enjoy the images posted on Samantha’s blog. Samantha Kira, is an Artist, that is eager to share the beauties and excitement that accompanies a creative life. I know what time and effort goes into keeping a blog like yours, and want to applaud your creative pursuits with this award. Thank you for always sharing.

Now the best part of this award is that you can share it with others!!! Please take the time to award other Bloggers on your blog, that you feel make a difference in this beautiful Blog world. Click on the above image of this award and add it to your blog, then reward yourself with a sundae!!!

I would also like to take this time to highlight the list of bloggers I keep to the right. Each blog listed are individuals I feel are making a positive and creative force in this universe. My love goes out to you bloggers too.
Peace & Love.
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