Featured Etsy Artist: A Keeper’s Jackpot

Etsy, in my opinion, has got to be one of the coolest sites around! I love everything about it! You can spend hours there just searching and looking at everything from paintings to olive oil to zines! Yes, they have everything and anything hand made under the sun! Etsy was created to be a cooperative of creative people working together. I’m all about that! That’s why when I learned about the Etsy Street Teams, I needed to join immediately!!! Currently I am a proud member of both Etsy Veg for vegetarians and vegans who create or shop on Etsy, and Etsy Bloggers for Etsians who blog! Soon I will joyfully be part of the AZ Crafty Burritos Team! I look forward to this street team because they actually meet here in Phoenix, in person, not just over the net! Do you remember that? Meeting people in person? Just joking!

So the nice thing about being part of a team is that you are not all alone in that big Etsy world! There are other Artists in your team there to help promote and support you. For Etsy Bloggers, their featured artist this month is: A Keeper’s Jackpot. This is one cool chica! Her full time job is a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory, and when she’s not working she’s beading the beautiful treasures in her shop and hiking! hiking! hiking! On her blog you can find tons of photos from her most recent hikes, like her hike in the Adirondacks. I have a soft spot in my heart for this girl, because the Adirondacks was the first mountain range I hiked and backpacked when I was nineteen! Here is one of her photos:

What I really like about her jewelry is how many of the pieces are influenced by her hiking expeditions and love of nature.

Lake Havasu Falls Necklace.

Purple Sunset Royalty.

Bird Nest Crocheted Wire Bracelet.

Starry Night Choker.

Peace & Love.

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