Help Heal Mother Earth and WIN!!!!

Do you know what one of the most simple things little ol’ you can do to help the environment BIG time? Answer: Stop using plastic and/or paper bags and switch to reusable cloth bags. Seriously, did you know that those free plastic bags you receive in the grocery store are non-biodegradable? Not only do they become ugly litter, eventually they contaminate the soil, river, lakes, and oceans. Think about it….you are careful about what groceries you do buy–why not take the extra tiny step and be particular about what you use as a grocery bag and start helping save the environment. Before I started using cloth grocery bags, Hansel and I probably took home an average of six to eight bags of week. Times that by 52 weeks and we mindlessly consumed over 400 plastic grocery bags a year, which only end up polluting this beautiful world we love so dearly. When we learned how this pointless consumption was effecting the environment I quickly whipped up some cloth bags on the sewing machine and never went plastic again! Not only do I feel pretty cool leaving the grocery store because MY Dirty Footprints bags are stylin’ hot!…but because each time I take my bag with me I feel so good that I did my part in not mindlessly polluting this precious world. And it’s easy, once we get home and put the groceries away, I simply put my bags on the door handle of the exit door, and on my way to the car next time throw them in the back seat. A simple habit that makes a big difference!!!

I am extremely excited! This summer I have been working hard to sew up a bunch of funky, cool cloth grocery bags to share with the world. It is my intention to get as many people as possible to start making a small change of habit, that together can help heal our Earth and make plastic and paper bags obsolete items at the check-out counter!! So, before I start posting them on Etsy I am having a contest here on Dirty Footprints for you, my beloved readers, to win your own official Dirty Footprints cloth grocery bag made by moi!!!

My Dirty Footprints Reusable Grocery Bag is super strong!! Each seam is reinforced to provide years of use. This tropical surf-inspired fabric that you see in the photo above is made of 100% cotton that you can easily throw in the washer. I created these bags to be bucket style measuring 13″ deep by 7.5″ wide. The handles are 21.5″ long and fit perfectly over the shoulder for light to medium shopping, or perfect for carrying by hand when you’re cooking for the whole family!!

So if you would like to be entered to win the Dirty Footprints Reusable Grocery Bag all you need to do is comment after this post stating you want to heal the world and win!!! If you choose to write a post on your blog announcing my contest with a link back to Dirty Footprints, please note that in your comment and I will enter your name TWICE!!! I will be pulling a name and posting it here on Sunday, July 13, 2008. All comments must be left by 12:00 AM Sunday, July 13th (Arizona time-baby!).

To learn more on how plastic bags are polluting our world please visit

Together…we can heal our world…one bag at a time!!!

Peace & Love.

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