Mr. Rogers, Vision Boards, & Daily Rituals

Do you remember how Mr. Rogers always did the same thing at the beginning of his show–took off his jacket, put on a cozy, little cardigan, then very whimsically took off his shoes. As a kid, I loved that. Yes, I loved Mr. Rogers growing up. Who didn’t, right—and if you say you didn’t…watch him now…you might change your mind.

After finishing his dandy little tune, he’d go into a little introduction of what to expect for the day–who might be possibly poppin’ over, or where he might go out on a little jaunt. Mr. Rogers, if he was alive today, could possibly lead a workshop on Vision Boards. I bet he would dig them. Just in that brief introduction of his show, he had self discipline with his daily ritual, a clear vision for his day, and an intention to make the world a little better.

This morning I quickly read the beautiful comments everyone left on my Vision Board post. I feel so honored that such amazing women actually read my blog–and feel compelled to communicate is even more flattering. I love it! That was my whole intention for Dirty Footprints–creating a line of communication.

The wonderful Renee of Painted Sky Woman blog, left a comment that really hit home with me. She talked about how her Elders explained to her their daily rituals that would help center themselves and put forth a clear vision for their day. She gave the beautiful example of Edna drinking a cup of tea both in the morning and evening. Renee commented on another one of her Elders, Shirley,who would ponder three questions: “What am I going to do today?, “What did I do today?” and “Did I do everything I wanted to do today that was on my list?”

How many of you have read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way? Julia Cameron really stresses the importance of morning pages (writing three pages of whatever comes to mind each and every morning). I think they’re a great idea. A perfect ritual for your morning. For me, after reading Renee’s comment, I turned off my computer and went back to that daily ritual I once had. Instead of a cup of tea—I power juiced a few peaches and oranges–then sat down with my moleskin and began to write. It makes sense. It feels good. That’s the ticket baby!!

Our vision boards are a beautiful thing. They are powerful, I believe that. But the long journey begins with one step. The vision board is one step, we need to follow that step with other steps. This journey takes discipline and daily rituals that remind us that our life is sacred and important. I like the idea of writing, always have. For me writing is a perfect way to center myself and examine the now. Maybe for you its something else. Maybe it’s that cup of tea. Maybe it’s watering your garden, walking your dog, knitting a couple lines, a silent drive to work in the morning–no radio, no cell phones, or a few minutes sitting in meditation. Whatever it is, realize that your daily ritual is an important part of manifesting your vision board. Instead of walking out into the world blindly, set your intention for that day during your ritual. Ask yourself what are you going to do today.

It’s these little steps that are going to get us to our dreams.

What I was thinking today is that when you set an intention in the morning through a ritual of your choice, you bring that intention into great importance. Just like mass or spiritual ceremonies–these acts have been performed over and over in the same fashion for centuries–there has got to be something to it. So if you get lost during the day—maybe that jack-ass cuts you off on the highway, or you’re stuck in a long line at the post office, or somebody said something that offended you…instead of getting lost in that drama, spending your energy on those stupid things…go back to your intention for the day—you know, the one you offered up to the universe in your daily ritual, and then ask yourself if the energy you are spending is in walking forward or if your mind is creating a road block.

Thank you Renee. You gave me a lot to think about today. You also gave me a much needed push to pick up where I left off awhile back. Thank you.

I would so much love to hear about your daily rituals. If you don’t have one…start today…play around with, see what works for you. Know that else where in the world others are offering their good intentions to the world too. Let’s join in together, and see what happens.

Peace & Love.

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