Last Post of the Night

This is my third post tonight. You would think that I had a fabulous day with all my talk of love. But the truth is today was challenging. School was exhausting. Then later I got terribly lost driving to an appointment and got caught in a huge, scary sand storm—trees were blowing all over like the opening of Wizard of Oz, accidents were everywhere, and on the side of the road dust devils came dancing closer and closer. But, somehow, I kept telling myself all day:now begins the practice of Yoga.

I made it home safely. My sweetie greeted me at the door with a kiss. I cooked one of my favorite recipes for din-din, and then while listening to Michelle Obama’s speech tonight at the Democratic Convention…I remembered what my life’s purpose is about. I remembered why being exhausted at the end of the day is all worth it. A life of love…a life of service.

Then I read some of my fellow lady bloggers…and they pick me up…feel good about living a life that’s full.

That is why I need to post this last post of the night. I found this great video on Jen‘s blog: Gallery Girl. I LOVE THIS!!! I know after you see this video you will love it too!! The color is intoxicating…the Artist is so soulful and bright….this video made me love everything that Art is about and how Art is such a great energy–such a powerful force.


Peace & Love.

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