This has been a day of great reflection. I forgot to shower, and instead I went to the mountains. I wrote for over an hour in my journal. I swung on a swing. Getting real high then dipping my head back to watch the sky kiss my bare feet. I cleaned our home; really scrubbed and cleaned. Now everything is sparkly, and our clothes all rest on hangers. I did Yoga slowly and meditated into a state I haven’t visited in quite awhile. I walked Nyla, and watched the world as if it was passing me by–like a music video when the singer is still among a crowd of bustling people. I listened to random old Cd’s: Dead Can Dance, Don Williams, and a Flamenco mix. Hansel and I made pizza from scratch–even the sauce. We drank fresh lemonade, and got tangled in a string of laughter. And now the hours are entering a new day—we’ve been in the studio listening to early Bob Marley and just drawing quietly in our sketchbooks. I forgot how fond I am of drawing. I forgot how personal it is. You can not hide from the intimacy it brings between you and your subject. In painting, you can separate yourself with layers of paint–possibly hide behind techniques, patterns, and beeswax. But drawing.. it is direct and bluntly honest. I think this is a practice I need to bring back into my life. But I’ll save thinking for tomorrow…along with showering. Today has been a gift, a simple little treasure that keeps glistening.

Peace & Love.
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