A Million Pounds of Gratitude!!!!

Just recently Stacy from The Fancy Fritter awarded me with the Brillante Blog Award…this is long overdue, but I wanted to throw out a million pounds of gratitude to you my friend!!! Stacy, who is also one of my fellow team members on the Etsy Bloggers Team is a stay at home Momma that makes the most adorable baby bibs in her Etsy Shop: Gracious Creations. Here is one of her many gracious creations:

Absolutely adorable!!! Thank you Stacy for thinking so highly of my blog! You are a complete sweetheart!!! Lots of love to you!

So, if being told that my blog is brillante wasn’t enough to elevate my self confidence….Painter Girl at the very cool blog Art And Life has awarded me with the “I Love Your Blog” award. Ahhh, it’s so sweet chica! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Painter Girl is way cool. Go to her blog and check out the awesome clay work she does! Full of fun and fantasy…Love it!

Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to note my blog as award worthy. It is really a great honor. I know that the tradition is to then pass the award on to others, and please forgive me if I do not follow the tradition to the T! Along with all the amazing bloggers I list on my side bar, I would like to spotlight a few blogs that I both think are brillante and that I love to read:






Peace & Love.

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