Happy Camper!!

Maybe it’s all the self reflection…and the introverted tendencies lately….but please excuse all the strange photos I keep taking of myself. It’s kind of fun though. But maybe there’s something deeper here…for one thing…why am I so fascinated with the image of two of me?
Oh, I am so excited to share….I am driving two hours north in AZ tomorrow morning to go to ART CAMP!!!!! Yay!! I feel like a little kid….especially one that never had the opportunity to actually go to camp…but always wanted to!!! That’s right—I’ll say it again: I’m going to Art Camp chicas!!! Even better…its all expenses paid via school district lovin’ (if there is such a thing….I believe there is….if you dig far enough into those crusty ol’ hearts!). Today was great cause I got to tell all my classes that I won’t be there tomorrow—because “I” —yes the teacher—will be making the art this time!!!


This is real Art Camp for Arizona Art Educators…we’ll actually be sleeping in sleeping bags in log cabins out in the beautiful fresh air of Prescott, AZ—I’m bringing my hiking boots baby!! I’m signed up for four workshops that I’m so excited about: Dia de los Muertos Skeleton Sculptures (for my love of everything Spanish and Frida-like!), Non-objective Plaster Sculpture (I love getting messy!!), Sock Monster Sculptures (how sweet is that!!!), and Glass Fusing (a little challenge I threw in since I have nada experience working with glass!!!!).

Once I hit publish on this post I’m running out to buy myself a brand new moleskin sketch book in celebration!!! I’m so excited! I promise to take tons of photos!!!

Have a beautiful weekend ladies!!! Do something creative!!!

Peace & Love.

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