Less Jobs, More War—MORE LOVE! MORE LOVE!!

On my way to an early morning Yoga class today I was sitting at a light behind a brand new Cadillac with a McCain sticker posted right dead center of its silvery trunk. I’m ashamed to admit this, but my first instinct wanted me to ram the guy in the back with my tiny, little Toyota Yaris. Forget higher insurance rates, tickets from the police, the fact that I could hurt this innocent person or myself, or even that the whole stupid ordeal would make me miss Yoga. This little bumper sticker had the ability to conjure up so much desire for violence. What for? Seriously. I wanted to lash out at a fellow human being just because his beliefs are far different from mine?

Bad Yogini!! Bad!

Though, here’s the deal. I never hit the older man driving the Caddy. I was so ashamed of myself that I slowed down to keep myself from being even near him, just in case for some reason he could read my mind or sense my total disgust. Who knows what strange alien powers those McCain people have! I drove the entire way to Yoga curious about WHY this anger is inside me–HOW this anger got there—and WHAT should I do that is more positive and beneficial in moving my soul forward, instead of backwards—or even worse, circling in a vicious cycle.

Yoga helped alot.

Lately I have been spending way too much time watching CSPAN, listening to NPR, and reading blogs and websites on-line that have to do with the upcoming election. Everything I hear, read, and observe about McCain and his running mate scares the crap out of me to think they actually have a chance to lead the country I call home. Every time I meet someone or see a bumper sticker (obviously) I am so surprised to think someone would actually support this man’s campaign. Now, all the information, propaganda, jargon, ideas, and opinions that I have fed my mind have become a toxic ingredient to my system.

All I can do is vote. All I can do is pray. All I can do is believe in what I BELIEVE IN and stand firmly in my own heart.

That is why I deleted the video that was previously posted here. Yes, I agree in the sentiment that was being portrayed, but I was also feeding into the same sentiments that are poisoning my own self. I do not agree with McCain and his campaign. I have done enough research and educated myself on both candidates that I can stand firmly in my belief that Senator Barack Obama NEEDS to be the President of the United States.

I am going to stop being ANTI-McCain, and focus more on being PRO-Obama. I am going to stop being ANTI-War, and start being more PRO-peace. I am going to stop being ANTI-the problems of the environment, the economy, education, immigration, health care, etc. And start being PRO-Love.

Dirty Footprints is my blog…a place where I want to express and explore my journey. A place where I want to help and discover the beauty of others journeys too. A place for finding solutions, connecting with love, spreading peace, and of healing. The video I had here only focused on the problem. Dirty Footprints is about elevating our beautiful souls above the problems so we can gain the perspective to see how these problems were brought here to serve us on our journey.

I hope you too will educate yourself, examine what it is you truly believe in, and then place your focus on what it is you want to see flourish….in everything….from your life to your relationships to this upcoming election.


Peace & Love.

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