Featured Etsy Blogger

October’s Featured Etsy Blogger is Jen from the blog
She also is the creative force behind two Etsy shops:

These earrings are adorable!!! I think any knitter would fall in love with those cuties! You can find more in different colors at Jen’s Mama’s Magic Etsy Shop.

Jen’s Baby Friendly Beads are a great concept and totally chic!

Jen’s story behind Baby Friendly Beads is:

As I thought about what might help distract my son from pinching my skin and pulling my hair, I envisioned something that he could hold as well as play with. I wanted it to be adjustable in length and sturdy enough not to break as he tugged on it. After a few attempts, I came up with a design that I believe to be unlike any other nursing necklaces. Attractive enough to wear every day, the necklaces also effectively occupy a baby at the breast. The beads slide easily on the cord, delighting a baby’s curious eyes, and the pendant is the perfect size for little hands to grasp. Some of my necklaces include jingle bells to add to the fun! My son (and later, my daughter) helped me to fully babyproof my basic designs both for durability and for interest. While this design is the template for every necklace I make, each is one of a kind. My customers tell me their babies really like to play with the beads. Whenever I wear my necklaces around babies, their interest is immediately attracted to this nifty thing around my neck.I decided to make reminder bracelets as well when I discovered that using them was MUCH easier than keeping a nursing log. And more discreet than massaging one’s breasts to see which one is more full.

The holidays are quickly upon us….Jen’s pieces are affordable and would make any Mom and baby happy! Please check out her Etsy shops and take the pledge to buy handmade this year!!!



Peace & Love.

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