Healing Art Journal

I will come right out and say it. Lately, I have been in quite a funk. There’s no other better way to describe it…then a funk. It’s definitely NOT a black cloud, or any other shade of depression. Just a funk that I can’t kick. There is something inside me that is itching like a rash on my soul. Things are not fitting nicely. Aren’t feeling just right. I know I can’t blame it all on outside situations, personalities, and events….so that’s why it’s time I stop spending my energy crying about situations, personalities, and events…and instead use that energy to dive deeper into my soul…maybe get a glimpse of what REALLY is bothering me.

Tonight I remembered a video by Suzi Blu where she talked about creating a healing art journal. I really like that idea. Then, mix it up with the beautiful sentiment found in the video in my last post: Artist Creed…I realized its time I sit down and create from a place of sacredness and inquiry.

Here is the beginning and first entry in my own soul’s healing art journal.

Candles, incense, paint, and Nick Drake playing softly.

I purchased a cheapy, blank, journal-like book from Borders. I kept coming back to it, over and over again….so I knew this was the one.

Before getting started, I decided to prepare my book with some love. There was a total of 30 pages in this book, and I went through and glued two pieces together, thus, making a final total of 15. The pages are a bit more sturdy now.

Build your house on a rock.

After applying gesso to the beginning two pages, I wrote the first thing that came to mind in permanent marker.

What followed was layers of paint, pastel, crayons, and india ink. I let things just take place without any notion or thought. Images appeared like ghosts waiting to be brought to life.

The finishing touch was a key I painted in gold that I sewed to one of the hands.

I feel a million times better. I feel a bit more clear.

Peace & Love.

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