World’s Greatest Halloween Treat EVER!!!

I could not have been more surprised!!

I could not have asked for a better Halloween treat!!

The ever so talented, completely lovely, and totally fabulous Miz Katie sent me this great little gift in the mail today!!!!
Awhile back I was one of the three people that first responded to her Pay It Forward post on her blog Miz Katie.

Ever since then, the poor gal has been worrying about making the perfect gift. I’ve loved her work from the second I saw it…and she could have sent me a napkin with a scribble on it…and I’d still be over joyed! (But I’m kind of glad you didn’t!)

Instead, I lucked out BIG TIME!!! This little book is ever so sweet…ever so perfect…and its covered in beeswax and glitter (every girl’s dream)!!! I can’t wait to start adding my own little bit of love to the pages! Who knows what it will inspire!

So thank you Miz Katie!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I was completely surprised and I am so in love with my book. You rock chica! Rock like Led Zeppelin!!! Serious rockin!!

Lots of lovin’ to you!!! Gallons of it!

Please check out the rockin Miz Katie at her blog HERE, and her way too cool Etsy shop HERE.

Peace & Love.

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