Yes, Water.

It’s been one of those days.

Bittersweet. I had off of work today and tons of things planned to do with my free time.

I did none of them.

What I did do is begin a new painting….another lady!! If you look above, you’ll see that I stole one of Zom’s tricks from her blog: Pinch Me to See If You’re Dreaming. She’s a maverick mixed with a little Bob Ross when it comes to black gesso!!…and I, being a bit cheapy with my dinero lately, decided to simply paint over a white canvas board with black acrylic paint.

So here’s the BEGINNING of my lady…she’s not finished yet!! And she is Water.

Yes, Water.

Saturday, when Hansel and I went to the Spanish Festival I fell in love with this Artist’s mask she made out of fused glass. I’m so sorry now that I didn’t ask to photograph it…but it was this magnificient aqua color with tiny bubbles in it. I fell in love with it instantly…and once she told me that it was called “Water” my love was sealed. “I want to be water!” I exclaimed surprisingly.

Since then, water has really been on my mind. I miss the ocean for one thing, but I could write a whole entire blog on that longing…Last night I had this vivid dream that Hansel and I were on shore somewhere. I knew that way out near the horizon an island existed where I needed to go. So I jumped into the ocean and told Hansel that when I got there, I would fly back or get a boat to pick him up. I started swimming forward not knowing exactly where I was going. Then all of a sudden I saw the island I was heading for, and it was so far away. The ocean started to storm, and the waves were becoming too much for me to keep swimming…and here’s where things get really strange, all of a sudden these giants appear walking in the water–their legs and arms built up like muscle builders and they had long Fabio hair and huge shark like fangs! They were heading towards me. In my mind, in this dream, I told myself to become the water, and I started sinking and everything in my dream became vibrant blues. Then I woke up.

That’s where the painting is stemming from. The sinking into the ocean was safe. The blues were saturated in peace. Why I was dreaming this, what it all exactly means? Not so sure, and honestly, I haven’t thought too much about it. It was that sinking feeling, the rise and fall of the ocean tide, and the blues that calls me deeper into my soul.

Water. Yes, water.

Then, to add to my focus of H2O. I’ve been really mindful lately with a water based diet. I’ve been juicing alot, and eating mostly raw, water infused fruits and veggies. Totally fresh. Totally whole..and totally juicy with nature’s own water!!

Until today.

Hansel was craving Mexican–and talked me into dinner at a near-by Mexican place. It’s Mexican food—I was weak–I had a burrito covered in red sauce, cheese and sour cream. The only water was in my plastic glass garnished with a wedge of lemon. The thing is, as yummy and sinfully delicious this meal was, immediately afterwards I felt depleted and disgusting. I realized at this instant that there are foods that energize and fuel you–and foods that suck the energy right out of you and make you want to glue yourself to the couch and watch bad reality television. I guess it’s the difference between becoming the water and sinking, and plainly drowning.

Last, Sweet Mango was an oracle of mine today. She posted the above video on her blog. Years ago I learned from the wonderful movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” how water changes its molecular structure from the vibration of our words and emotions. The above video explains it most eloquently. I needed this reminder. I needed to remind myself especially that I am water. Plus, I ran to the kitchen and wrote loving words all over our water container in the frig, my own personal water bottle I drag everywhere, and the animals’ water bowl. Thank you Sweet Mango.

But most of all…there’s my painting I started. How magically these ladies are making themselves known to me. How I can find so many answers and connections, all by simply reflecting on simply some brush strokes and acrylic paint. Creativity is powerful. So very powerful.

Peace & Love.

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