A Sweet & Simple Christmas

So Christmas for us is always different. This is our third Christmas in Phoenix. The first two we started by making a little tradition of going hiking all day. Today it was rainy, cold, gray, and I felt really quite sick. So instead of keeping our hiking tradition alive, we drank fresh juice and lounged on the couch all day reading.

Later, once I was feeling better, we played Frisbee in the park as the sun put on one of the most amazing sunsets for us!!

Afterwards we both worked in the kitchen together drinking wine and making dinner! Hansel put together a clams in white sauce over linguine (for himself)–while I made roasted potatoes, curried green beans, and a fabulous salad. Yes, we are far from traditional in this house. But it works nicely.

Hansel and I decided to put our money towards Costa Rica this summer and not exchange gifts between each other…but our parents still sent us some goodies!!! My favorites were the beautiful and super soft afghan above my Mom knitted for us…and also the super cool scarf she knitted too below.

Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday!!! Lots of love to you all.
Peace & Love.
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