Obstacles Are Opportunities

Today I received my “bonus check” at work. I know, that I have much to be grateful for. Much to sing in blessings. But we were hoping that this check was going to pay for our tickets to Costa Rica this summer. Nowhere close.
I long to go home. I long to see the ocean again. I long to be with family, to eat mangos off the tree. I long to see Hansel embrace his mother and help his grandma with the cooking. I long to walk with Hansel’s abuelo in his nursery and see how all the cousins have grown. I long to go and work on our property. I long to see my future home. I long to eat cashews straight from the fruit. I long to hear spanish spoken like a kite string. I long to feel the ocean as I surf between the horizon and the sand.
This is my letter to the universe,
to please provide us with the means
to get home this summer again.
Peace & Love.
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