Ordinary Miracles

There is a sparkly new shop on Etsy that just opened today called Ordinary Miracles. The Artist Marcy Hall, who’s paintings you see very often on the blog Bliss Chick, has opened her own Etsy shop!! Underneath her banner “Art to Focus Intention” is written. It is hard not to fall in love with the treasures in this shop.

I purchased this pendant today!! And, I noticed another one exactly like it jumped back in–so you can have one too! I love Marcy’s image of the Hamsa. It is now a little Christmas gift to myself!
To further explain her pendants…Marcy wrote:

Milagros, or ex voto if you’re traveling in Italy, are often made of tin and then taken to and left at shrines for healing purposes or in gratitude for a prayer answered.

They can also be carried for protection and good luck or placed on an altar.

My milagros come in many forms: gouache on paper, gouache and tin on wood, and shrinky dink pendants.

They are intended to focus your attention, intentions, meditations, or prayers.The meanings are varied, according to your need.For example, a leg would not just mean leg troubles but could refer to travel.

Marcy has also included some of her original paintings that are adorned with milagros.

The one above for Fertility and the one below for the Heart are my favorites!

A cool thing about many Artists you find on Etsy is that they make Art more affordable by providing prints. Marcy has both originals and prints posted at such cheap, cheap prices!!

Just recently Christine at Bliss Chick wrote this great post called Believing in the (im)Possible. She spoke about her love for the things about Catholicism that are magical!

I think Marcy’s work…especially the milagros have that magical feel about them. You just know that if you wear one of these pendants or hang one of her pieces in your home that good energy and even protection will come with it! I like the purpose behind her work. It inspires me to make work that transcends itself.
You can visit Marcy Hall’s Etsy Shop: Ordinary Miracles HERE

You can visit Marcy Hall’s Website HERE.

( I hope that Christine at Bliss Chick does an interview with Marcy some time soon!!)
Peace & Love.
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