Yesterday afternoon I sat outside at my local, favorite coffee shop writing in my journal. In between thoughts, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky above and realized that was it. There was nothing between me and the entire universe. Above that blue is an incredible indigo that makes up outer space–the cosmos. Planets are there light years away from me– if only I could reach my arm far enough to grab Saturn’s rings. What stands between me and the Sun? Outside I am as close as can be to the ocean, to Africa, to my friends that lay asleep in Australia. I am living in the same space as the soldiers in war, the children being born in India, the monks silent in prayer at the foot of the Himalayas. My family 2000 miles away is nearest to me under the seamless sky of blue. And there I sat, green tea steeping, my journal snug in my lap–with only a hint of how immense this universe is–with only a glimpse into the divine that makes up all of our seamless existence.


I recently saw an interview with one of the directors of the documentary Playing for Change. You can watch part of it HERE. This interview got me thinking…got me excited about possibilities! The video embedded above is part of the new documentary coming out…watch it, sing along–its lots of fun! It’s a great example of how seamless this universe really is!!!!

And just remember, there are more things in this world that connect us together, then separate us apart. We just need to look up and inside!

Visit Playing For Change : HERE
Visit Playing For Change YouTube: HERE

Peace & Love.

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