Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

When I posted my endeavor yesterday to raise money to donate to Women For Women International I had no idea that the response would be so loving, so generous, and so immediate!!! In only a day I met my goal and sold all the paintings in my Dirty Footprints Etsy Shop!!! Do you see that smile on my face?!?!?! That’s me after my last painting found a new home!! You would think I just won the lottery! That’s how silly, giddy, happy I feel! I am so excited to be able to donate $100 to an organization I feel so strongly and so much love for. Thank you to all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing chicas that helped contribute to this great gift. Your Dirty Footprints painting will now be a symbol of your own generosity and love.

Plus, I want to express an extra special thank you to Sweet Mango. Not only did she donate to this awesome charity by purchasing one of my paintings–Thirty One…she also included this little note along with her payment:

“You have a beautiful heart.

I have brought this painting for a very close friend….YOU!

Merry Christmas, I want you to have this painting….I happen to know that this painting means a lot to you, it is a marker of a point in your life, a pivotal point and there will come a time where you will realise how the change that is coming about actually started to ‘quicken’ around the time you painted this. So it is my gift to you, my soul gift to you. Frame it and hang it and remember who you were and how far you have come every time you look at it.

Merry Christmas to you and Hansel.

More love than you know,

Sweet Mango”

This is what Art is so much about for me. I love that each one of these paintings has a story and a life and that they too now will be a factor in supporting something so much more bigger then simply paint on paper. Thank you to everyone that contributed!! My heart has grown wider from your act of kindness and generosity.
Peace & Love.
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