thirty three

Today is my 33rd birthday.
In numerology…you never break 33 down further into single digits.
It’s considered a master number.
One of great spirituality.

I started my morning with an offering given through Yoga.
Where I celebrated in a half moon pose.
Then followed by glasses and glasses of fresh juice.
I played Monopoly with Hansel.
Hung out at the coffee shop and read a book.
Talked on the phone with a dear friend.
Nyla and I lounged in the studio.
I wrote in my journal–trying to visualize my new year ahead.

But all I could do was focus on the now.
And for the first time, in what seems a long, long time…
I picked up my paintbrush,
opened my art journal,
and went home again.

There will be time to plan the future tomorrow.

Peace & Love.

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