A Night of One’s Own

There’s a huge party going on tonight. With dancing, good people, and wine. But I wanted to stay home instead. Alone preferably, and just paint. So Hansel is enjoying himself–dancing and drinking into the wee hours–and I am blissfully in the studio painting.

This week I played around with gel medium on illustration board to create a juicy texture background.

I had such a lovely week at school…even though I had a break down mid-way brought on by sleep deprivation and another case of the rocking neighbor at 3AM. But, it’s all Yoga. Right? It’s all part of the journey.

Almost finished–but not just yet!!

Anyways..it’s late…I’m tired now…and off to bed. I’ll share more with you tomorrow! Good night dear chicas!! Good night!

Peace & Love.
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