I spend a lot of time and energy working.
Working at my job–and on stuff for my job.
I even work on ideas for what I hope will one day be my job.
I work on things that I enjoy–
like Art, Yoga, Cooking, Dirty Footprints Studio.
I work at keeping a nice home.
And when I’m not working…I’m one of those people
that has to keep doing something.
Reading, knitting, writing, walking my dog, surfing the net, exercising, hiking.

Today was a beautiful day in the desert.
Perfect weather.
Glorious sunshine.

Today I stopped working.
I stopped doing.
And I got in my car with my dog,
and we just enjoyed the fresh air,
the roll of the highway,
the magnificent landscape of the open road.

There is incredible beauty and peace that arrives
when you just let yourself

Peace & Love.

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