I Don’t Want To Sleep

All today I’ve been nursing a nasty cold. I promised Hansel when he left for work that I’d stay home…that I’d stay in bed…that I’d take that nasty green Nyquil shit. Please don’t tell his blessed heart—but I’ve only kept one of my promises—-to stay at home. I even missed a Yoga workshop today I signed up for…to nurse myelf back to feeling well. It’s just a nasty cold–and I’ve been neti potting it and steaming with eucalyptus and sage and making fresh citrus juice all day long–and I feel worlds better! Plus…I’ve been blogging, reading, writing in my journal, and painting in my art journal…that’s better medicine then any of that unnatural green stuff in a bottle. So—I don’t want to go to bed…but maybe I’ll turn in early!
Peace & Love.
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