Mountain Pose on a quiet beach at sunrise. This beautiful photo was taken when the photographer and a friend were volunteering at Finca Ipe, a biodynamic farm in Costa Rica.

Yesterday I read an awesome post by Elana on her blog Lunar Musings. She in her glorious way discusses how there is a new moon in Aquarius and how that impacts us blessed souls!! “This Lunar cycle is all about the Vision. The grand visioning of things to come and things to manifest. Where the last New Moon was about working on manifesting concrete things into our lives, this New Moon is about the dreaming up, the conjuring the filling in of the details into the grand vision of what we want our future to be in any or all aspects of our lives. And to do so in a manner that is outside the box… Vision that breaks barriers and thinks big and in an innovative fashion. How this New Moon affects your own personal natal chart will spotlight which specific area of your life you should be Visioning for.”

( I love you Elana!)

Elana goes on further inviting us with questions meant for defining this vision. I spent a good two hours at the coffee shop this afternoon before going to a fabulous Yoga class just writing–writing the first things that came to my mind…just writing without really any editing or time to think of what comes next…I took my dream for Dirty Footprints Studio all through an incredible journey–from beginning to end back to the present. My vision, just kept forming and fitting together like a memoir. I couldn’t stop writing–because I wanted to know where I was going next! Then, somehow, towards the end–where I begin to describe what my business is like–how it feels and operates in the world–once all the hard work and sweat has gone into building it–now it just is–it has moved from the dreaming state–it has moved from those beginning stages–it just is–an entity–a reality. I went from there to today, sitting simply in a coffee shop, 33 years old, with an economy and a world that seems to be falling, but a dream so big that could swallow the Universe in one gulp.

All we have is today. We can write our visions out and throw them as paper airplanes to the Universe. We can believe and believe and believe even more. And all of this is powerful–all of this is necessary. I’ve said this before–it’s time. It’s even written in the stars–the moon is spelling out for us in Morse code: “It’s Time”!

So lets renew our intentions, define our big visions. We only have today, right now, and what can we do TODAY–that will step us one step closer to the big vision of tomorrow? Let us honor all our blessings–and honor all the steps that take us closer to the bright, luscious, light of our tomorrow.

Peace & Love.

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