A Longing. A Longing To Paint.

I don’t know what it is….but lately, I have had this longing.  Yes, a great longing…to go back to painting long, time consuming paintings.  Possibly even using oil paints again….which, for me would be like visiting a cousin twice removed.  Or something like that. I’ve actually had a dream last night that I started painting faces again.  

Where do these longings come from?  What is it inside an Artist, that pulls them to create?  
It’s not normal, I’m sure, to wake up in the morning and have your thoughts be always calling you to paint…to start drawing again…to sit for hours and put pigment on canvas.  But it does.  For me and many others.
I need to paint, my dear chicas.  That’s what it comes down to.  I’ve been so busy lately, so overwhelmed, that I’ve neglected that light inside myself.  The light that pulsates through my Art, and longs–yes longs to live and be expressed.  
So, there.  Now I said it.  I’ve turned my longing into words…and I will leave here and turn these words into action.  I am blessed to have found so much inspiration around me…so many Artists feeling the same pull.  Here are just a few……

Painted Sky Woman-this painting captivates me.
Alice Neel-– a painter I have always had deep in my heart

Michael Shapcott-something so ethereal about the way this guy paints.

Peace & Art.
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