Behind Those Eyes

For my Yogini friends…you might notice that this drawing was directly inspired by the beautiful photographs and article about my beloved charity Women For Women International in the latest issue of Yoga Journal. There is something about the woman’s eyes that pulled me in. My drawing doesn’t do the strength I find behind those eyes any justice…but simply the pure act of connecting with them through drawing has helped me, personally, immensely.
In my previous post HERE, I started working on the entire face in this drawing…but after sitting with it awhile, I decided to crop her mouth off of the piece. I did this on purpose…to emphasize her eyes more..and to also emphasize that these women (the women that Women For Women International helps) have seen so much, and saddly their voices have been cut off from the world for too long.
I know it is just a drawing. But it’s also energy…and a pure meditation. I hope by doing this, I add to a positive energy that more women like the woman in this drawing–and women right here in our own communities and in our lives will find their voices and seek the strength that is found behind those eyes.
Peace & Love.
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