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Almost a year ago I started writing Dirty Footprints Studio.  In the beginning there were a few bloggers that I can say I still follow today, and some that have even blossomed into strong friendships.  In the beginning, one of the first blogs I fell in love with was Lunar Musings written by the amazing, introspective, and oh so very wise Elana Rego.  I instantly felt a connection with her words. Her Art work, ranging from paintings, to jewelry, to hand made journals speaks to me–to the spirit in all of us that is connected to the rhythms of the Universe.
That is why, with great pleasure and excitement I announce that this Sunday on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk Elana Rego will be stopping by for conversation on creativity and of course, fun ol’  girl talk!  This episode will air at a special time: 12:00PM Eastern/ 11:00AM Central/ 10:00AM Mountain/ 9:00AM Pacific.  So there is no excuse that you can’t pour a cup of tea and join us!  

Before anything, you need to head on over to Elana’s two fabulous blogs:  Lunar Musing where she also hosts the Wellness Wednesday gathering and her new blog: Inner Revealing Tarot where she is starting another  new gathering called Tarot Thursday, where everyone can gather to learn more about Tarot and how it can offer guidance in life.
Elana’s writing is always honest and soul searching…and most especially connected to the whispers of the moon.  I have learned so much about my own connection to the heart beat of this planet and Universe through reading her musings.  

Also, stop by Elana’s Etsy Shop: Lunar Adornment to find jewelry and paintings that speak clearly of Elana’s existence ..but still, lends itself gently to the lives of us all.

Everything of Elana’s feels natural, and taken from the Earth with great love and reflection.  


Including Elana’s hand crafted journals she makes as a meditation.  You can find more of her journals at her Etsy shop: Manuscripts For The Journey.  
So please join me and Elana this Sunday morning for conversation in the Dirty Footprints Studio!!!  You can even call up and join the fun by dialing (646) 727-3034, or if you are a little shy that time of day–you can join us for live instant message chats found on the showpage while the show is airing!  You can leave your comment or ask your question that way too!!  Anyways, don’t be bashful!!  Join in the journey of creativity and spirit. 
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If you miss it…no worries…all shows are kept on the side bar, here on Dirty Footprints Studio, for you to listen to over and over again and be inspired!!!
Peace & Love.
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