Sunday on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk

Here is a great photo of Jennifer from Gallery Girl holding two of Dee’s paintings of DeezDen!

This is both the blog banner for Corrine’s JafaBrit’s Art blog and an incredible self portrait!
This Sunday on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk Jennifer from the blog Gallery Girl and her friend and fellow Artist Corrine from JafaBrit’s Art will be the special guests!!!  These two wonderful ladies will be calling from chilly, freezing Ohio…for a conversation on Art, Creativity, and the ways a group of women Artists called the Jafa Girls create havoc!!!  

Jennnifer creates some of the most juiciest, delicious paintings.  She  combines expressive colors and brushstrokes with whimsical references to nature…and my absolute favorite: TREES!!! (Must be a midwest thing!!) 

Jennifer is a full time Artist that used to own and run the recently closed NOLAA gallery…as sad as this is, Jennifer knows first hand the challenges Artists and Art Galleries have in this tough economy.  But, her positive and witty outlook on life is infectious and she will definitely be a well of insight for Artists now-a-days looking for answers.  
You can find more of Jennifer’s work on her Etsy shop: Gallery Girl Jen.   Jen assured me too that NOLAA gallery will carry on its mission through her blog and on-line efforts where “real art does not match the furniture”!!!!

I am so looking forward to speaking with Corrine of JafaBrit’s Art blog too!! Not only is Corrine an amazing Artist–always exploring the inklings of her heart through different techniques, mediums, and genres—going to her blog is always informative on anything from Art and painting to political issues or social concerns.  You will spend a good amount of time admiring and studying Corrine’s own personal work she posts….then the same amount of time exploring the fascinating links she includes.  
What I love most about Corrine’s Art is the quirkiness of her pieces.  There is always an ounce or two of humor and a dash of sarcasm!!  Take a close look at her journal entries above and you can not help but be in awe while wearing a smile!
To see and buy more of Corrine’s work check it out HERE.
I can’t wait to be inspired!

Last, I look forward to learning more about the group of Artists Jen and Corrine belong to called the Jafa Girls!!  You can check out their blog HERE and look above as they add a little flare and knitted joy to a street pole!!  Plus–you have to go to their site to see where their Art Ball machine is showing up next!  How cool is that!
So, I hope you will join us in another great conversation on Art and Creativity on Dirty Footprints Studio Talk  this Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 9:00AM (mountain).   You can add to the fun by calling in with your questions or comments by dialing (646) 727-3034 or if you are a little shy, you can hang out in the live chat room HERE and shoot your question to us that way!  If you’re still in bed nursing a fun Valentine’s from the night before—don’t worry, just stop by here, Dirty Footprints Studio blog, to hear the replay or visit Dirty Footprints Studio Talk anytime to listen to past shows.  
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This episode of Dirty Footprints Studio Talk is super special too, because we have some awesome Artists as sponsors!!! Please check out the following video of the sponsors of this show and be certain to check out their links!  Dirty Footprints Studio is all about spreading the Art and Creativity power and love!!!!  

Dirty Footprints Studio Talk SPONSORS:

Jessie is a full-time artist  and loving every second of it!  She lives in the wintery tundra of Minneapolis, MN with her three dogs, 2 cats, and 1 husband. She loves strong coffee, the smell of paint, and is the creator of the Be Brave Project.  She believes in creating a life that fills you from the inside out.  These letters are part of an ongoing project: “WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time”  You can find Jessie on her personal blog at Dairy of a Self Portrait, her business website at Stray Dog Arts, or visit her Etsy shops at Patch of Sky and Stray Dog Arts.

Handmade journals and photography

With a professional career in the medical field as clinical laboratory technologist, I spend most of my day adhering to important regulations and procedure manuals, with no allowances for creativity.  Fortunately, when I come home, I can engage in projects that allow me to use my imagination artistically and make my own rules.  I took interest in making jewelry a few years ago when I received a handmade necklace from my Sister (in-law).  I turned the interest into a self-taught hobby, and eventually into an online business.  I make mostly jewelry, but also an occasional beaded lanyard, bookmark, or ceiling fan pull.  I’ve experimented with many different techniques, including wire crochet and polymer clay, and I get most of my inspiration from nature or from just one bead or pendant.  I have many pieces that were inspired by a holiday or season as well.  You can follow my projects, as well as my adventures in nature, on my blog (  

Modern, playful, hand made jewelry.

Handmade gift scarves: portable, pampering, fashion hugs.

‘Deezden is an attempt of a self-taught artist to depict images rooted in the folk traditions in India, in its myriad festivals celebrating joy and happiness.” Here you will find original artwork and archival art prints!

Handmade knit and crochet designs.
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