Juicy, Juicy Color

Here’s a little diddy I made at work today!
It’s paint and oil pastel on board.

Why do I love to paint?

Because I love color.  
Simple as that.  I love color.  I love to push it around, layer it, paint over it, and spread it so thick like butter on a hot buckwheat pancake!  I love color that moves and dazzles.  Color–like I tell my students all the time–that is JUICY, JUICY, JUUUIICY!!  I love color that is subtle across a canvas, bold like a Franz Kline, jewel-like like the doggie portraits Jessie creates HERE, and color that draws me in like this beloved, sacred painting HERE.  
Why do I love to paint?
Because when I do–time fades away.  I am focused on creating.  Something inside me starts to shift, and I feel balanced like standing in tree pose. Even a bad day of painting, is a million times better then the days I leave my brushes neglected, standing lonely in my studio.
But why do I forget this?  Why do I let the healing energies of painting slip from me for so long?  Why do I “never have enough time”?  
Well, it’s too late in the evening to try to figure out why we do the things we do.  I’m just taking this moment to express here, that in honor of my spirit–in honor of my own heart and well-being, and in celebration of Leah’s Creative Every Day prompt of the month (color)–I am committing to creating something every day during the month of April in bright, delicious, wonderful, juicy, JUICY, JUUUUICCY color!!!!  
What will you do to add a little Spring color to your life this April?
Peace & Love.
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