This past Saturday I purchased  a brand new Moleskin journal.  They didn’t have my usual black leather bound.  So, hesitantly, I decided to do something different and go with a cherry red hardcover instead.  I sat with a cup of chai, opened it up to the first page–and this is what I wrote:
Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sometimes I think it is necessary to just walk away.  Walk away from a journal full of words, walk away from a virtual life created somewhere out there in cyberspace.  Walk away from old ideas, old ways of doing things.  Even stories you told for years and years left untold from this moment on.  I’ve been feeling this need to walk away.  No, honestly–it has been more like run.  I see my legs strong and lean as they move me along–as they take me forward.  And then I dive.  Dive off a cliff?  Dive into a huge sea of restless blue?  No, I dive into the sky where I sprout wings…and I fly.  I need to walk away…so that I can fly…..

My dearest friends…my Chicas, I feel it is time that I walk away.  That I take my Dirty Footprints on another branch of the journey.  This is something that has been brewing for awhile…my need, my desire to simplify my life.  Slowly I’ve been cutting back my dependency to the internet.  It doesn’t nourish me as much as it distracts me from what it is I really want to focus my energy and time on.  
Of course, Dirty Footprints has become a part of my life, and this is not an easy decision. But it is in my deepest of heart that I know this is best for me.  I’m horrible at good-byes, and truthfully–I’ll be around.  Just not here.  Just not now.  I’d like to say this is simply a break–a hiatus–a sabbatical from blogging.  Though, I’m not sure that is true.  
Wherever the journey may lead….
There is always great love here for you.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
Peace & Love.
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