Lunch Break

Taking a break from all the moving business…and having a moment of fun playing with ol’ photo booth!!!
I’m almost done. I’ve been cleaning and packing all morning. Now time for a lunch and internet break!!! Lucky me they haven’t turned that off yet today.
As I clean and pack up each room I open my heart to it and give it thanks. Thanks for providing Hansel, I, and our beloved pets a space in this world to love, live safely (for the most part!!!), and to grow. I secretly bless each room starting from the floor, sending love wishes to the walls and sealing my good intentions with thoughts of peace that I blow at the ceiling. As I wash everything clean, I imagine that I am rinsing myself of the past. All the stress and frustration from this last year swirls like mini whirlpools down the drain. Dust of dried teardrops collected by my broom. Days of worry sucked and vacuumed away.
A new start is a good thing. A change of environment is healthy. Living in a better neighborhood can’t hurt.
But, as I sit here in a fort of cardboard boxes and stuff, no matter where we go–how monumental or minute the change may be, we still take things with us. Things that remind us of our past, that are there to provide us with hope for the future, that are there to comfort and challenge us no matter where we may be. Things that are tangible and real, and those things that accompany us, but sometimes we fail to see.
We can never move from the essence of who we are. But funny, at the same time, we are always moving into the essence of who we are meant to be.
I look forward to a new perspective, new neighbors to meet, new trails to walk with Nyla, new adventures from another part of this desert city. Dirty Footprints is moving!!! See you next, when I get there!
Now back to work for me.
Peace & Love.
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