I should be packing.

“Whatever we do can easily be transformed into worship by our attitude. We can do anything and everything as long as we do it with the idea of serving the world at large. We can serve our tables, our chairs and everything around us. If we don’t pull chairs mercilessly from one corner to another, we are serving them. If we drag them, they cry. Anything handled roughly will feel pain. There should be a gentle, Yogic touch with everything–even our spoons, forks, plates.

It reminds me of an article written by my good friend Brother David, a Benedictine monk. He speaks of how he felt God talking when he was washing dishes. If you handle them gently, he said, they make a beautiful jingling sound; but if you throw them here and there, they cry. So, dishwashing can be a worship. My Master Swami Sivanandaji said, ‘Convert every work into Yoga with the magic wand of right attitude.’

…Once we give everything to God we are reunciates; we have nothing to possess, we have nothing to worry about. All worry is due to attachments and clinging to possessions. The attachment I mean is a mental attachment. What we want is a mental, rather than a physical, detachment. We can even possess things physically if we are mentally detached. This is continuous samadhi. We shouldn’t think samadhi means sitting in a corner, forgetting ourselves and keeping the body still like a rock. Real samadhi means tranquility of mind, which is possible only when we dedicate everything and are free from all attachment.”
–From THE YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI, translation & commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda
We are moving on Saturday. This whole week has been one long strand of organizing, packing, cleaning, and Yoga of many fashions and forms! I thought we didn’t have much stuff, until we had to compact everything into boxes. Now our belongings have taken over and have started caving in on us! This morning, feeling a bit overwhelmed, I picked up my Yoga Sutras book and randomly flipped to a page…..the above excerpt is exactly what I read.
There are oracles and angels around us…always pointing us in the right direction…teaching us even in the strangest of most mundane moments.
Peace & Love.
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