Things Are Peachy!

Nothing like fresh, juicy peaches right off the tree!!!!
Well, it’s been awhile, yes. But summer is here, school is out, and I think I’m ready to gracefully make my way back into the Dirty Footprints Studio. So what have I been up to?
I was only being partially metaphoric when I stated in my last post that I wanted to run away. Truth is that for awhile now I’ve had this itching, itching feeling to start running. Me. I’ve never been a runner in my life. So when I took a break from Dirty Footprints—I started running. First all I could handle was two minutes before my lungs, legs, and spirit would start screaming at me. But now, almost a month and a half later and I can run 30 minutes like I’ve been running forever. And…I’m a tad bit obsessed!! Obsessed with challenging myself and then meeting those goals. Obsessed with the feeling that I’m becoming stronger, that I can breathe deeper, that my body is not only a vessel anymore, but also becoming a strong vehicle. Obsessed with doing a Rocky Balboa dance after each run I finish!!!
Running has simply changed my life. Period.
For a long time I kept saying that I was ready…that it was time for a change. That change has begun. The wheels have been put in motion. Dirty Footprints is picking up pace, and I no longer am willing to sit and wait. With moving one foot in front of another, I am heading forward, into my dreams, into my life-that I finally can breathe in….fully and deeply!!
Hansel & I went peach picking at Schnepf Farm–an organic farm in Queen Creek, AZ!

What matters most on those days is knowing that you are in control of your pace and, for that moment, your life. Running can allow you to know that, for a few minutes or hours, your life is your own. Running can allow you to stop being what you are to everyone else and find out who you are to yourself. Running can allow you to find the reality of your own nature. Running will allow you to find yourself.

Peace & Love.
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