Add Years to Your Creative Juicy Life

Before you read any further, please do me a favor. Stop for a few seconds, close your eyes, and take five, long, juicy inhales. (DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES JUST YET–I’M NOT DONE!) When you take these five, long, juicy inhales take them slowly through your nose and imagine that the precious air you are breathing in is filling your belly…let your belly rise up and expand….and when you exhale try to match the length of your inhale. Imagine your belly deflating like a balloon. And don’t forget–do all your breathing through your nose. Ok, humor me please…close your eyes and give it a try.

How do you feel?

A little more relaxed? Energized? Aggravated possibly?

This past Friday I was in a Yoga class where our teacher reminded us about the importance of our breath. Imagine–the one absolute thing in this whole Universe that we can NOT live without–and we need to be reminded about it. Talk about taking something for granted, huh? But since that morning, I have been really focused on my breath.

First thing in the morning, I sit in front of our alter in the studio and take ten conscious breaths. When I’m walking Nyla I focus on my breath and love the idea that I’m breathing in the sunrise. As I wash the dishes I count during my inhale and try to match the number to my exhale. When I’m driving–I give myself a “Red Light Challenge” (for those of you that love Ben Bailey & the Cash Cab as much as me!!) by focusing on my breath again.

Has it made a difference in my life? Honestly, so far the only difference is that I’ve become more aware of my breath!

For instance, I notice how often I do not inhale to my fullest capacity–or even worse–exhale to my fullest capacity. There are even times I actually hold my breath. What for, silly chica?

When we fail to exhale completely, we keep toxins trapped in our lungs. When we don’t inhale deeply, we cut our self off from precious energy. When we hold our breath, we keep ourselves stuck.

What do you do more of in your breath pattern? Do you happen to feel trapped, cut off from your source, or stuck? Maybe their is a connection between how we breathe and how we live.

The way we breathe can actually add years to our Creative Juicy Life! The first step is to become more aware. I needed a little reminder. And I thought you might too.

Peace & Love.
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