Into The Deep Blue Sea



That crazy little emotion–feeling–even an entity if you will, that can creep into your mind, body, and your blessed soul if you’re not fully aware.

We have all had our battles with it.

Some have embraced it.

There are those that have invited it into their life like unrequited love.

Few actually thrive on it.

And I…well, I’m just trying to understand it.

Then during my interview with Chris Zydel, she so eloquently says: if you’re feeling a lot of fear then you’re on the right path.

I love that.  I love it so much I want to tattoo it to my feet as a constant reminder for each step I make in a new direction!

Maybe its because I’m an Artist–a visual person whose mind works in color and texture–I instantly imagined fear as a great sea of blues and greens.  I see myself step onto the shore of this new journey, and fear laying there before me.  All my worries, self doubt, insecurities, excuses become waves crashing at me.  If I stand rigid, and try to push it away with my body, I know what will happen.  Eventually the force will take me down and the sea will start to drown me.  But if I let myself dive in….ooohh that delicious feeling of being taken by the surf….I will begin to move in new directions…I will be taken to places unseen….I will begin to feel the same pull that the moon feels living so sweetly besides the earth.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I’ve decided to make fear my sacred friend.  I’m ready to dive deeper. I want to saturate every inch of myself in its tempting shades of blue and green.  I want fear to be an award-winning supportive actor as my Creative Juicy Life unfolds.

Peace & Love.

I want to thank each and every beloved chica that left me a piece of their heart in a comment after the post I wrote last week titled When Fear Comes Rolling In.  You are my life jacket, as I make my way through the sea.  Kisses of blue and green I blow directly to you.  Your words I carry with me.

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