Today Hansel and I went to a huge art store in Phoenix. The kind that sells paints so juicy and wonderful (and expensive) that they are kept locked behind a glass case!! When nobody was around, I went over to the canvases that stood as tall as me and kissed them each–promising in time that I will be back for them.

Since I haven’t heard from the doctor tonight that means the bone in my foot is NOT broken, and instead its tendinitis. Anyways, I was thinking, as I walked Nyla with the sunset at our side, that this is my body warning me to slow things down. Maybe I’ve been on too much of a high speed chase–running too much (literally), running on high in my creativity, and running through my days like a crazy Art maniac!!

I have been eating tons of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and I still do NOT feel guilty one bit!

This VIDEO makes me smile every time I watch it–that I have to watch it twice!

I have met so many wonderful people through blogland…and I want to give a great big thank you to JudiPaTuttie and WrightStuff for awarding me with a Watermelon Blogging Award. Ha!! How perfect for this extreme heat happening here in the desert!! I appreciate your support and love. Please go give their blogs a gander…great stuff happening!

School will be starting for me in three weeks. Today, I’ve been working on ordering supplies–who wouldn’t love $4500.00 to buy Art supplies with, huh?!?! As Art teachers go–I am definitely a lucky duck.

Everyone needs to see the movie Up. I’m not kidding. You will fall in love with it.

This summer I have been reading three great books: The Wisdom of Yoga (Stephen Cope), Art is a Spiritual Path (Pat B. Allen), and Art & Fear (David Bayles & Ted Orland).

I am so excited about the series of paintings I have been working on…that its all I think about!

Peace & Love.

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