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Photo of Brandi Reynolds…Joy Rebel!

You know those moments in your life when life starts getting to you…when people around you start to lose their charm….when things just don’t seem juicy or delicious? Those are the moments when you need to be a Joy Rebel the most. That’s right…I said JOY REBEL…and, Miss Brandi Reynolds herself is a Joy Rebel and the commander of leading a world wide Joy Rebellion…..To learn more about this cool chica and the Joy Rebellion visit her blog HERE.

Brandi is also a phenomenal photographer. You can see her beautiful work HERE on Etsy.

This Sunday, August 2, 2009 at 8:00 pm EST Brandi will be joining me on CREATIVE JUICY LIFE on BlogTalk Radio for a conversation on becoming a Joy Rebel in one’s own Creative Juicy Life!! You have to stop everything you are doing to listen LIVE because one lucky caller will win one of Brandi’s photo prints!!! You heard me correctly…all you need to do is listen and when we ask you to call–you could be a winner!

Please join us:
Date: Sunday, August 2, 2009Time: 8:00 pm ESTWhere: Creative Juicy Life on BlogTalk RadioPhone # to Call to Win: 646.727.3034

Listen to Dirty Footprints on Blog Talk RadioBe sure to check out Brandi’s blog Joy Rebellion HERE, Etsy shop HERE, and photo website HERE.

Peace & Love.

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