The VIP Room!!!


A couple weeks ago I decided to create a fan page for Dirty Footprints Studio on Facebook. Since then many of you chicas have joined and made my heart swoon with love. Thank you, thank you, THANNNNK YOOOU for your support!!

But I wanted to take a moment and explain why I started this fan page…and what it means to join.

Think of my Facebook fan page as the VIP room of the Dirty Footprints Studio. That’s right!! You will get special treatment. Here is what I’m talking about:

–PERSONAL INTERACTION! When you comment on the DFS fan page–I always comment back! Plus, there’s always that chance we’ll meet up at the same time on Facebook and can chat directly!  Fun! Fun! Fun!

–FUN VLOGS, NOTES, & LINKS: Facebook makes it easy for me to upload mini vlogs that only my DFS fans will see, and I’ve already started little notes and adding cool links!

–EARLY RELEASE PARTIES! I plan to finally release my paintings that I have been working on all summer into the world–and the DFS fans will get first glimpse! Plus, for example, this week I released my Wreck This Journal video to the DFS fans a day before I posted it here on Dirty Footprints Studio. So you never know what you’ll be getting!!

–DISCOUNTS & GIVE-AWAYS! Soon my Etsy shop will reopen and DFS fans will receive a nice, juicy discount!! Plus, I want to spice things up with some future give-aways only for DFS fans!!

–BLOG POSTS AS UPDATES ON YOUR HOME PAGE! By becoming a DFS fan you will receive my Dirty Footprints blog posts as updates on your home page. Making things simpler on you!

I hope you will join me!

Click HERE and step into the VIP room!!!

Peace & Love.

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