Welcome Lovelies!!


New Growth, acrylic on canvas, 5″ x 8″

Today’s the big day!! Here is the new and beautiful Dirty Footprints Studio!  A lot of hard work and time went into creating this space.  But most of all love was squeezed, oozed, and washed over this blog.  You see, my dear, dear, dear friend Carla who keeps a little blog herself over HERE, created this space for me solely as a gift.  No money, no recognition–nothing did she want.  This blog was written completely in html and friendship.  Thank you Carla for all your hard work and long hours.  Thank you for your dedication, extreme attention to detail, and your desire to get things just right.  Thank you for your friendship, your generosity, and for believing in me so much that all of this was worth your time and effort.  I am at a loss for words to describe just how grateful I am to you.  I wish I could unzip my heart and pour what I feel onto this post.  You have taught me so much about friendship and kindness.  But most of all, you have built a foundation for my dream that is based purely in love.  Thank you Carla.  There is great love here for you.  Great, great love.

Now…let’s party!!

Come on in…take your time…look around! There are new rooms in the Dirty Footprints Studio. New places to discover!

To help celebrate the beginning of a new journey for Dirty Footprints Studio I am giving my painting away that you see above.  It’s such a cute little funky tree that I painted purely for this occasion!! I can’t help it…any time I am faced with a new beginning, I always paint trees!! So please, share the love of the occasion by leaving a comment and I will enter your name to win!  And, when you’re done peeking around the new space, run on over HERE and become a VIP!! One lucky Creative Juicy VIP has a chance to win another funky tree painting over there!! I will be picking names Thursday afternoon!

The fun here at Dirty Footprints Studio is endless!  I am just so happy you are here!

Peace & Love.

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