Have A Vision…Start from HERE


I’m in love with the idea of a Creative Juicy Life.  It fits me.  And when you say the word Juicy make sure that you put an accent over the “uicy” part of the word.  Make it sound like you had one too many margaritas to drink when you blurt it out in the morning!! Juuuuiccy!

So the thing about a Creative Juicy Life is that the real essence of it is actually the truth of everyone’s search on this planet.  Everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone wants to feel love-to be loved-and to share love.  Everyone wants to live their dreams.  The trouble is that not everyone knows what it feels like to be happy, or not everyone will open themselves to love, and sadly enough not everyone believes in their dreams.

I can’t tell you what your  Creative Juicy Life looks and feels like.  You already know…and just like myself, it’s a matter of walking towards it now.

So to keep myself from going in the wrong direction, I have developed a vision of what my Creative Juicy Life looks and feels like. I have kept it pretty broad and general, and I feel, as my Creative Juicy Life begins to unfold  I’ll then be able to start discussing more concrete things, places, and opportunities.  For me, the best way to define what I want my Creative Juicy Life to look and feel like formed from deciding what I don’t want it to look and feel like. Here’s a little example:

Dreading having to go to my job.  = NOT Creative Juicy

Waking up excited to start day. = Creative Juicy

Being pissed when things don’t go my way. = NOT Creative Juicy

Looking at detours as the Universe’s way of helping you out. = Creative Juicy

Watching hours of television. = NOT Creative Juicy

Blogging , creating, painting until midnight. = Creative Juicy

Letting what other people say matter. = NOT Creative Juicy

Deciding for myself what is right for my own life. = Creative Juicy

Now that I’ve defined my Creative Juicy Life for myself, it is purely up to me to start practicing it, and become super aware of when I’m engaging in activities, behaviors, or even habits that don’t fit my Creative Juicy Life.  I know this is not always going to be easy, and I know that I have to start from exactly where I am right now–that is the ONLY way I will be able to get where I want to be.

Did you hear me chicas? That’s the main key!!

I have to start living this Creative Juicy Life from exactly where I am right now.  Already I notice little things…like as my modem keeps going out as I write this.  Instead of freaking out (that just wouldn’t be Creative Juicy) I am kind with it, and myself, and simply fix it–I leave all the drama behind.  Funny thing too, every time it went out and I came back to this post I had a new outlook on what to say and I think these mini modem break downs, helped my creativity flow better!

That is what the Creative Juicy Life is all about!! Life is Creative Juicy…we’re the ones that need to simply open our eyes and embrace it with our hearts!  Then the dreams will fall in place next.

Peace & Love.

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